Returns the authenticated account name being used by the file's current user.


Get ( AccountName )



Data type returned 


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If a user authenticates with the default Admin account, Get(AccountName) returns Admin. If the FileMaker Pro Guest account is used, then [Guest] will be returned.

When an account authenticates via an external server, the Claris ID identity provider system, an external identity provider (IdP), or an OAuth identity provider with group credentials, Get(AccountName) returns the name of the authenticated account being used by the current user of the file, not the group the user is in. (The group name appears in the Manage Security dialog box when you define account access and privileges in FileMaker Pro.)


  • Calculations should not depend on whether the account name returned by Get(AccountName) uses uppercase or lowercase letters. You can use a function such as Lower to change the returned text to a known case.

Example 1 

Returns when is the Claris ID user name that was used to sign in to the database file.

Example 2 

If a user enters BOB when signing in to the Bob account (a FileMaker file account), Get(AccountName) returns BOB.