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Why can't my invited users access Claris Studio?

When team managers invite new users, here are some common problems they encounter and solutions.

Problem Solution

User doesn't have a Claris ID yet and can't get past the sign-in page.

When a team manager invites users, they receive an invitation email. Invited users must click the Join link in the email. When the sign-in page appears, new users must click Sign up, then create an account using the same address the invitation email was sent to.

Claris Studio Sign-in or Sign-up page with sign up indicated

New user created an account but never received the verification code in email.

Ask the user to check their spam or junk folder for a "Claris ID Verification Code" email.

If they haven't used the verification code within 24 hours, it has expired and they'll need to contact Customer Support.

User can't create views.

By default, users are added as team members. To create views, a team manager must make the user a team manager.

Team managers: On the Users page, click Manager in the Role column to make a user a team manager. They'll need to sign out and sign in again or refresh their browser page for the change to take effect.

User doesn't see any views on the Hubs page.

The user is a team member, and no team manager has shared any views with them. A team manager should do one of the following:

  • Create a hub, add views to the hub, and add the user to the hub.

  • Make the user a team manager. Team managers can access all views in all hubs.

User joined the team but gets an error when they click the Join link in the email to return to Claris Studio later. The Join link in the invitation email should be used only once. To use Claris Studio after joining the team, go to


Which Claris Studio fields also work in Claris Pro apps?

Most field types in Claris Studio are supported in Claris Pro apps. That means data in supported Claris Studio fields will appear in fields of the corresponding type in Claris Pro apps:

Claris Studio field type Claris Pro field type Supported
short text text
long text text
rich text
number number ✓ (numeric only)
drop-down text
checkboxes text
single choice text
date date
time time ✓ (time of day only)
timestamp timestamp
phone text
email text
signature container ✓ (read only)
currency number ✓ (numeric only)
calculation -
ranking -
address text (for each subfield)

For unsupported field types, the Claris Studio data isn't accessible in Claris Pro apps.

How do I import data into Claris Studio?

There are two ways to bring data into Claris Studio:

Import a CSV file into a spreadsheet view

In Claris Studio, you can import from a CSV file into a spreadsheet view. This method is limited to importing 1000 records at a time.

  1. Go to Claris Studio and turn on Developer Mode if it's not on.

  2. Open an existing spreadsheet view or create a new one.

  3. In the spreadsheet, choose Table Actions > Import from CSV.

  4. In the dialog box, click to choose a CSV file or drag one here.

    For each field in the current spreadsheet, you can choose the fields in the CSV file to import.

  5. For each field in Claris Studio, choose the field in the CSV file to import, or deselect the fields you don't want to import into.

    If you chose to create a new spreadsheet, you can name and choose the type of each field.

    Note   Be sure to choose fields in Claris Studio with the field type that best suits the fields in the CSV file, because you currently can't change a Claris Studio field type after it has been created. For example, choose a number field for CSV fields that contain only numbers, so they'll be formatted and sorted as numbers.

  6. Click Import.

Import data or migrate data with Claris Pro

  • Import data: In Claris Pro, you can import data in several supported file formats into a linked Claris Studio table.

    1. In your Claris Pro app, add the linked Claris Studio table you want to import into, if it isn't present already.

      See Working with a Claris Studio data source.

    2. Choose File > Import Records > File, specify the file, then specify the fields to import.

      See Importing data into an existing file.

    If your data is in a FileMaker Pro app, you can convert it to a Claris Pro app.

  • Migrate data: In Claris Pro, you can migrate data from a Claris Pro table to Claris Studio, where it can be accessed by both Claris Studio and Claris Pro apps. This action permanently moves the data to Claris Studio, removes the Claris Pro table from the app, and in its place adds the linked Claris Studio table containing the migrated data.

    For details, see Migrating data to Claris Studio.

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