Returns a list of keywords, based on the account used to evaluate this calculation, for the enabled extended privileges.


Get ( CurrentExtendedPrivileges )



Data type returned 


Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


The keywords in the list are separated by carriage returns. Extended privileges are additional access rights assigned to the privilege set of an account access. See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges.

Returns an empty list if a user doesn't have extended privileges assigned for the current database file.


  • If you are logged in and running a script that is set to run with full access privileges, Get(AccountExtendedPrivileges) returns the extended privileges for your account access, but Get(CurrentExtendedPrivileges) returns the extended privileges for the Admin account.

Example 1 

The account that is evaluating this calculation uses a privilege set that includes the extended privilege of Access via FileMaker WebDirect (keyword "fmwebdirect"):

Position(Get(CurrentExtendedPrivileges); "fmwebdirect"; 1; 1) returns a value greater than 0.