Finding records

When you perform a quick find in Browse mode, FileMaker Pro searches across all the fields that are enabled for quick find within the selected layout. Quick find is helpful if the data you are looking for might be in multiple fields or if you don't know which field contains the data. See Performing a quick find in Browse mode.

When you perform a find in Find mode, FileMaker Pro searches through all the records in a table, comparing the search criteria you specify with the data in the table. See Making a find request.

Records with data matching the criteria become the found set, which is the subset of records being browsed. Records that don't match are omitted. You can then constrain (narrow) or extend (broaden) the found set in Find mode.

You can work with just the records in the found set. For example, you can view, edit, calculate summaries for, sort, print, delete, export, or replace data in these records. You can also open another window in order to perform different find requests on the same data. See Opening and managing files.

You can also perform a find in Browse mode based on an entire field or a selection of text within a field. See Finding records based on criteria in a single field.