Using advanced tools

FileMaker Pro includes features that help you develop and deploy FileMaker Pro custom apps faster and more efficiently. These features are available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected.

The advanced tools include:

  • Custom Functions utility – for creating custom functions for use anywhere within the custom app
  • Custom Menus feature – for creating customized menus for a custom app
  • Script Debugger – for systematic testing and debugging of FileMaker scripts
  • Data Viewer – for monitoring fields, variables, and calculations
  • Save a Copy as XML and Database Design Report features – for comprehensive documentation on structures or schemas of databases
  • importing table schemas to consolidate tables from a multifile custom app into one file
  • Developer Utilities – for encrypting and decrypting database files, removing admin access, and enabling Kiosk mode
  • copying and pasting layout themes (see Managing layout themes)

To use advanced tools:

Note  In order to use the advanced tools, you must restart FileMaker Pro after selecting the Use advanced tools preference. You must also restart FileMaker Pro if you deselect the preference to stop using the tools.

  1. Windows: Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

    macOS: Choose FileMaker Pro menu > Preferences.

  2. In the General tab, select Use advanced tools.
  3. Restart FileMaker Pro.