Returns the height, in points, of the window content area.


Get ( WindowContentHeight )



Data type returned 


Originated in version 



The content area depends on the current size of the active window but doesn't include the title bar, scroll bars, and page margins. The content area is the space inside these controls. It does not include the status toolbar if it is currently showing.


  • In FileMaker WebDirect, the content area includes the scroll bars and footer area.
  • In FileMaker Go, the content area includes the layout but doesn't include the status bar, menu bar, or toolbar.

Example 1 

In macOS, returns 400 when the current window height is 437 and the status toolbar isn't showing.

Example 2 

In macOS, the example below combines Get(WindowContentHeight) with Get(WindowHeight) to determine the height of the title bar and horizontal scroll bar:

Get(WindowHeight) - Get(WindowContentHeight) returns 37 when the window height is 437 and the status toolbar isn't showing.

Example 3 

For iPhone 5.8-inch displays in portrait orientation, the height is 44 points for the menu bar, 27 points for the toolbar, and 44 points for the status bar. The Get(WindowContentHeight) function returns:

663 when the toolbar, menu bar, and status bar are showing

734 when the toolbar and menu bar are hidden but the status bar is showing