Returns the version of the current operating system.


Get ( SystemVersion )



Data type returned 


Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier



  • 6.3 for Windows 8.1
  • 10.0 for Windows 10
  • 10.15 for macOS version 10.15
  • <operating system or device> <web browser> <browser version> for FileMaker WebDirect

FileMaker WebDirect: For <operating system or device>, returns:

  • Win for a Windows operating system
  • Mac for a macOS operating system
  • Linux for a Linux operating system
  • iPad for iPad
  • iPhone for iPhone
  • Android for an Android device
  • Other for an unknown operating system or device

FileMaker WebDirect: For <web browser>, returns:

  • Safari for the Safari browser
  • IE for the Internet Explorer browser
  • Chrome for the Chrome browser
  • Other for an unknown browser

For browser version, returns the version of the web browser accessing FileMaker WebDirect.

Example 1 

Returns 10.15 when the current operating system is macOS version 10.15.

Returns iPad Safari 13.0 for iPad using FileMaker WebDirect in Safari version 13.0.

Returns Win Chrome 82.0 for a Windows computer using FileMaker WebDirect in Chrome version 82.0.