Accessing external data sources

You can connect to and work with data in external data sources in much the same way that you work with data in the current, active FileMaker Pro file. For example, you can:

  • create table occurrences in the relationships graph for tables in other FileMaker Pro files, your team's Claris Studio data source, and ODBC data sources

  • work with data from other files in FileMaker fields and layouts

  • add supplemental fields to Claris Studio tables or ODBC tables to perform unstored calculations or to summarize data in the external tables

  • add, change, and delete external data interactively

  • create relationships between fields in FileMaker tables and fields in Claris Studio tables or fields (also called "columns") in ODBC tables

  • construct SQL queries for importing via ODBC. See Querying an ODBC data source from FileMaker Pro.