Returns the total number of times changes to the current record have been committed.


Get ( RecordModificationCount )



Data type returned 


Originated in version 

6.0 or earlier


To commit changes, you can, for example:

  • click out of all fields (exit the record)
  • go to a different record
  • enter Find mode

If multiple windows are open, clicking in another window does not commit the record.

If changes are made to n fields and all n fields are committed together, the result increments by one. If changes are made to n fields and each change is committed separately, the result increments by n.


  • If the current calculation is stored and you specify its context, this function will be evaluated based on that context; otherwise, it will be evaluated based on the context of the current window.
  • Get(RecordModificationCount) returns NULL for ODBC data sources.

Example 1 

Returns 0 if the record has not been modified since it was created.