Returns the current account's group name.


Get ( AccountGroupName )



Data type returned 


Originated in version 



Claris platform only: This function returns an empty string.

FileMaker platform only: If the current user's account type is one of the following, this function returns information about the group the user is in; otherwise, it returns an empty string.

For account type


Claris ID or external identity provider (IdP) account

Claris ID group or external IdP group name

External server account

Group name

OAuth identity provider account

Group object ID or group name

Example 1 

Returns Sales if you are signed in as a user who is in the Sales group of a FileMaker Cloud team.

Example 2 

Returns Marketing if you are signed in to an external server account that belongs to the Marketing group on the authentication server.

Example 3 

Returns e849544f-8a50-4c6e-b1c3-d38c7dc2bfd3 if you are signed in to an account that belongs to a group with the ID "e849544f-8a50-4c6e-b1c3-d38c7dc2bfd3" on Microsoft Azure AD, an OAuth identity provider.