Returns the script name, step name, and line number of errors that are returned by Get(LastError).


Get ( LastErrorLocation )



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  • Some script triggers allow for the activating command or event to be canceled if the script executed by the script trigger returns a False value. When a command or event is canceled this way, the error code is set to 20.

  • The following control script steps don't clear the last error condition reported by FileMaker Pro: If, Else, Else If, End If, Loop, Exit Loop If, End Loop, Exit Script, and Halt Script.

  • If an error condition already exists when the user cancels an action, the existing error condition is not cleared.

  • For actions that fail to connect to a host because the host's SSL certificate can't be verified, this function returns an error code. For detailed information about the error, use the Get(LastErrorDetail) function.

  • To create a script that responds to errors without displaying alerts, use this function and the Set Error Capture script step with the On option.

  • To evaluate an error in a calculation expression, use the EvaluationError function.

  • For transactions that fail or revert, returns the failing script, the failing Commit Transaction script step, and the script line number. See Open Transaction.

  • For transactions that revert with a custom error in the 5000 to 5499 range, returns the custom string specified by Revert Transaction. See Revert Transaction.

Example 1 

Stores the values returned by the Get ( LastErrorLocation ) function.

Set Variable [ $last_error_location ; Value: Get ( LastErrorLocation ) ]