Creating charts from data

There are two ways to create charts in FileMaker Pro:

  • Create a quick chart in Browse mode. When you start this way, FileMaker Pro sets up the chart for you based on the current state of the database. You can use the Chart Setup dialog box to modify a quick chart. You can print the chart or save it on a new layout, if you have the correct privileges. See Creating quick charts.
  • Use the Chart tool in Layout mode to create a chart. With this method, you specify each setting. You can create the chart on a new layout or you can add the chart to an existing layout. See Creating and editing charts in Layout mode.

Important  In FileMaker Pro, charts update dynamically as data changes. Charts that display summary data remain accurate as long as you maintain the required sort order. If you change the sort order, the chart may no longer show your data comparison.

Note  If you copy a chart in Browse or Find mode, then paste it onto a layout, the copy of the chart is a bitmap image that will not update when data changes.