Event log

By default, events that occur while the Database Server is running are logged and timestamped. Typical events that are logged include:

  • Database Server starting or stopping

  • database files opened and closed by the Database Server

  • consistency checks performed on files that were not closed properly

  • new, completed, upcoming, and currently running schedules

  • the reason an enabled schedule was not successful

  • scripting errors from FileMaker script schedules

    Note  When the Allow Script Error Log setting is enabled, script events are stored in FMSEScriptErrors.log.

  • predefined errors and conditions that the Database Server detects in your configuration

  • current properties settings when the Database Server starts up, and settings that were changed during a Database Server session

  • startup restoration status and information about databases that were restored

Events are logged in the tab-delimited Event.log file that is created in the FileMaker Server/Logs/ folder.