Administering clients

The clients list on the Databases page displays the connections—including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and FileMaker Data API connections—to databases hosted by FileMaker Server.

The clients list also displays the FileMaker script clients that are created when:

  • a FileMaker script (or script sequence that includes a FileMaker script) runs as a scheduled task

  • the Perform Script on Server script step is used to run a FileMaker script

Client details

Detail Description

Session Identifier

The name of the FileMaker user or the session identifier set by the Set Session Identifier script step. See the "Set Session Identifier" topic in FileMaker Pro Help.

Databases (shown when All Databases is selected)

The number of databases that the client is using. To see a list of the databases, pause the pointer over the number.

Account Name (shown when a single database is selected)

The account name used to access the database.

Host Name / IP Address

The host name or IP address of the client's computer.


How long ago the client signed in.


The type of client:

  • Pro – a FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Pro client

  • Go – a FileMaker Go client

  • WebDirect – a FileMaker WebDirect client

  • CWP – a Custom Web Publishing client

  • Data API – a FileMaker Data API client

  • FMSE – a FileMaker Script Engine client

  • XDBC – a JDBC or ODBC client application

Tip  To see additional information about the client, pause the pointer over the client string.


  • To find a specific client, enter a search string in the search box.

  • You can sort the clients by session identifier, client type, or sign-in. To reverse the sort order, choose the same sort value again.