Client statistics log

When client statistics logging is enabled, the ClientStats.log is created in the FileMaker Server/Logs/ folder.

To enable client statistics logging, use the CLI command fmsadmin enable clientstats. See Using the command line interface.

Statistic Description


For a FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go client, the user login name is displayed.

For ODBC clients, JDBC clients, and Web Publishing clients, a machine identifier with an IP address is displayed.

For FileMaker WebDirect clients, a FileMaker WebDirect session identifier is displayed.

For FileMaker Data API clients, the user login name and client IP address or host name is displayed.

Remote Calls

Number of remote calls completed. Note that there can be multiple remote calls to perform a single operation from the client's perspective.

In Progress

Number of remote calls that are pending completion. The start of the remote call can be during the current collection interval or the previous interval.

Elapsed Time

Elapsed time (in microseconds) of a completed remote call or an in-progress remote call.

I/O Time

Time (in microseconds) spent by the client's thread waiting for input and output to complete.

Wait Time

Time (in microseconds) spent by the client's thread waiting for other threads or resources.

Net Bytes In

Number of bytes received from the client to FileMaker Server (data requests).

Net Bytes Out

Number of bytes sent to the client from FileMaker Server (notifications).


  • You can view client statistics by opening the ClientStats.log file in any application that can read tab-delimited data.

  • When the ClientStats.log file reaches the log file size limit, it is renamed ClientStats-old.log and a new ClientStats.log file is created.