Access log

By default, the Database Server logs accesses to databases in a separate log file called the Access.log. Typical events that are logged include:

  • clients that connect to and disconnect from the Database Server

  • databases that clients access with a unique account and with the built-in Guest account

  • clients that were denied access due to connection limits, including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and FileMaker Data API clients

Accesses are logged in the tab-delimited Access.log file that is created in the FileMaker Server/Logs/ folder.


  • When the size of the Access.log file reaches the log file size limit, it is renamed Access-old.log and a new Access.log file is created.

  • The Access.log file contains information-level messages only. All warning and error-level messages are logged in the Event.log file.