Administering databases

The Databases page lists the databases hosted by FileMaker Server.

About hosted databases

If the Automatically open databases that are in the database folders setting is enabled, FileMaker Server attempts to open FileMaker Pro databases located in the default database folder, the secure database folder, and the additional database folder when FileMaker Server starts. (See Startup settings.) The default database folder and the additional database folder support hosting files in subfolders one level down. See Hosting databases .

Database status

The icons to the left of a database name indicate the status of the database.




Database file is Closed


Database file is Open


Database file is Paused


Database file is in a transitional state, such as opening, closing, or verifying


Database file is unencrypted


Database file is hosted in the secure database folder

Database file is hosted in the additional database folder

Database actions

To perform an action on a database, click and choose:


  • To find a specific database in the databases list, enter a search string in the search box.
  • You can sort the databases list by filename, status, or the number of clients. To reverse the sort order, choose the same sort value again.
  • To see more information about the status of a database, pause the pointer over its status icon.