Testing FileMaker Server

To test your FileMaker Server deployment, open a hosted database file using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker WebDirect.

To test using FileMaker WebDirect:

  1. Open Admin Console and click the Connectors > Web Publishing tab.

  2. Verify that the Web Publishing Engine is running and FileMaker WebDirect is enabled.

  3. For FileMaker WebDirect, click Open Launch Center.

  4. In the Launch Center, select FMServer_Sample.

    If the FMServer_Sample app opens, then your FileMaker Server deployment is working correctly.

To test using FileMaker Pro:

  1. Open FileMaker Pro from any networked machine that can reach the machine where FileMaker Server is installed.

  2. In the Hosts dialog box, choose the server you want to test, and select FMServer_Sample.

    If FileMaker Pro opens the sample database hosted on FileMaker Server, then the Database Server is working and responding to requests from FileMaker Pro clients.