New features in FileMaker Server 19

FileMaker Server 19 includes the following new features and improvements. For more information on new features, see the FileMaker Server 19.0 Release Notes.

Version 19.0

  • FileMaker Server includes many improvements that support reliability, performance, scalability, and security across the Claris FileMaker Platform.

Version 19.1

  • FileMaker Server now supports the Linux operating system. You can download the installer from your Software Download Page. For more information about installing FileMaker Server for Linux, see FileMaker Server 19 Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • Linux: You can now use data hosted by FileMaker Server on Linux as a data source for applications using the Open Data Protocol (OData), see Claris FileMaker OData Guide (applies to Claris FileMaker Cloud® and FileMaker Server for Linux).
  • The FileMaker Server installer can be used for fresh installations and for upgrading to a later version. In previous releases, there were two separate installers: one for fresh installations, and one for upgrades. When you upgrade FileMaker Server with new installer, settings are preserved from previous versions of FileMaker Server, and you don't need to uninstall before upgrading to the latest version. See FileMaker Server 19 Installation and Configuration Guide.

Version 19.2

  • The FileMaker Server installer supports upgrades from FileMaker Server version 16, 17, 18, 19.0, and 19.1 to version 19.2. See FileMaker Server 19 Installation and Configuration Guide.
  • This release includes a preview of enhancements to the FileMaker Admin API. New commands have been added to allow you to configure FileMaker Server settings that were only available through Admin Console or the FileMaker Server Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • FileMaker Server now supports Java 11.
  • Users are no longer required to download a new version of Java JRE when enabling the Web Publishing Engine. If the JAVA_HOME system environmental variable is set, the Web Publishing Engine uses the existing version of Java.
  • When FileMaker clients cancel finds in hosted files, finds are now halted quickly. Previously, canceled finds continued to run on the host and failed to stop promptly on clients.

  • FileMaker Server supports HTTP/2, which provides faster web performance for web publishing including FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Data API, and XML. HTTP/2 is enabled by default on all versions of Windows and Linux.