Server information settings

To view and specify server information settings, click the Configuration > General Settings tab.

To Do this

Stop the Database Server

Click Stop Database Server.

  1. Enter a message to send to FileMaker clients.

  2. Specify the time to delay before stopping.

  3. Click Stop Database Server.

Verify when FileMaker Server was started

See the Start Time information.

Specify the host name that is displayed in FileMaker Server Admin Console, FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Go

Enter the Server Name.

Tip  Use names consisting of standard ASCII characters without spaces. Do not use a slash (/) in the server name.

The server name appears:

  • in the FileMaker Pro Hosts dialog box

  • in the FileMaker Go Launch Center

Copy the server ID, which uniquely identifies this FileMaker Server deployment

Click Copy.

Apply an update to the software

When a software update is available, a link is displayed across from Server Version. Click the link to apply the software update.

Change the display language

Click Change and select the language.