Restrict access

To manage which computer IP addresses can access Admin Console, click the Administration > Restrict Access tab.

To Do this

Manage which computer IP addresses can access Admin Console

For Restrict Access:

  1. To limit access to the local machine, set Enable Access Restriction to Enabled.

  2. To restrict access to specific IP addresses, click Change next to Allowed IP Addresses.

  3. Enter the IP address in the text box.

    If multiple IP addresses are required, separate IP addresses with commas. For example:,

  4. Click Save.

This change is effective immediately.

Note is always allowed access.

Important  To prevent unauthorized users from mistakenly signing in to Admin Console as the server administrator, make sure the Admin Console user name and password don't match the user name and password in any of the external authentication groups associated with Admin Console or any administrator groups. Use a unique user name and a strong password that is a combination of letters and numbers with at least 8 characters.

The Admin Console user name and administrator group names are not case sensitive, but passwords are.