Verifying hosted files

To verify a single database:

  1. Click the Databases page.

  2. Select an Open (status open) database.

  3. Click action arrow and choose Verify.

To verify all databases:

  1. Click the Databases page.

  2. For All Databases, click action arrow and choose Verify All.


  • If a client is connected to one of the selected databases, do the following in the Verify Databases dialog box:

    • Enter an optional message to send to clients.

    • For Delay Time, enter the number of minutes between when the notification is sent and when clients are disconnected.

      Clients may see a dialog box with a 30-second countdown. If they click OK, they are disconnected immediately. If they click Cancel, they can continue working until the delay time is reached. Depending on the delay time, they may see subsequent dialog boxes until the delay time expires.

    Important  If you specify a delay time of 0, then clients are disconnected immediately and they may lose unsaved work.

    When the delay time elapses, FileMaker Server disconnects any remaining clients, closes the selected databases, and then reopens the databases that were verified. If a database fails the consistency check, you must use FileMaker Pro to recover the file. See FileMaker Pro Help.

  • FileMaker Server logs a message in Event.log, indicating the success or failure of the consistency check.

  • To indicate that FileMaker Server is performing the consistency check, the status of each database changes until either Open (the consistency check passed) or Closed (the consistency check failed) is displayed.

  • The amount of time needed to verify databases can vary significantly depending on factors such as server hardware, the number of databases, and the size of databases. Consider scheduling verification during periods when clients don't need to access the databases.