Removing hosted files

When you remove closed databases, the databases are removed from the databases list in Admin Console and moved from a hosting folder to a Removed_by_FMS\Removed folder. A Removed_by_FMS\Removed folder is created inside the default database folder, the secure database folder, or the additional database folder, depending on which folder the selected databases are in.

The following table shows examples of where hosted databases are moved to after they are removed.

Location before remove Location after remove











To remove a single database:

  1. Click the Databases page.

  2. Select a Closed (status closed) database.

  3. Click action arrow and choose Remove.

To remove all databases:

  1. Click the Databases page.

  2. For All Databases, click action arrow and choose Remove All.


  • If you remove a hosted file, upload a file with the same filename and then remove the second file, FileMaker Server overwrites the first removed file with the second removed file.