Restoring a database file from scheduled backups

Warning  To avoid possibly damaging the only backup of your database, make sure that you copy the database file you want to restore and leave the original backup file unchanged in the backup folder. Do not move the database file out of the backup folder, and do not use FileMaker Pro to open the database file that is stored in the backup folder.

To restore a database file from a scheduled backup:

  1. If the hosted database file you want to restore is open, use Admin Console to close it.

    See Closing hosted files.

  2. Use Admin Console to remove the hosted database.

    See Removing hosted files.

  3. Use your operating system tools to copy the database file from the backup folder to the database folder where you uploaded the hosted database file.

    If your database file uses container fields that store objects externally, the backup folder contains an RC_Data_FMS sub-folder in which the objects will be stored.

    For example, if your database file is named Customers, then the RC_Data_FMS folder could contain a sub-folder named Customers that contains the externally stored objects for the Customers database file:


    Copy this folder and its contents with the database file.

    See Uploading database files manually.

  4. Use Admin Console to open the restored database.

    See Opening hosted files.

    Note  You can use these steps to restore multiple database files in a solution at once if all of the files were backed up together. If some of the files in the solution were backed up at different times, you could restore them from an older backup folder in which all of the files were backed up together so the data is in sync in all the files.