Tips for using Admin Console in a browser

Admin Console is a web application that runs in many supported web browsers.

  • For a complete list of supported browsers, see the FileMaker Technical Specifications.

  • If a custom SSL certificate is not installed, your web browser may display a security message when you attempt to open Admin Console. Click the option to continue to that page. See Importing a custom SSL certificate to update the SSL certificate used by FileMaker Server.

  • When you download a file, the default download location and the dialog box that is displayed vary between browsers. For example, when downloading databases or log files, the files may be automatically saved to your browser's download folder without a dialog box; however, your browser may open a dialog box to let you select a download location.

  • Admin Console uses the language of the web browser in which it was started. To change the language setting, see Server information settings.

  • Some browsers may not support the Admin Console local notifications.