Saving schedules settings

  1. Click the Configuration > Script and Verify Schedules tab or the Backups > Backup Schedules tab.

  2. Choose Save or Load > Save All Schedules.

  3. Save the schedule settings file to the location defined by your web browser, or find a new location. The file is created with the default name fms19_settings.settings.


  • The schedule settings file contains all the information for backup schedules, script schedules, message schedules, and verify database schedules. It does not contain other Admin Console settings.

  • All passwords in the schedule settings file are encrypted.

  • Do not edit the schedule settings file; if you do, the settings will not load.

  • When you save a schedule settings file, it is saved in the language of the base operating system installation on the primary machine. When you load a schedule settings file, the language of the settings file can be different from the language setting on the primary machine.