Editing accounts and privilege sets

In FileMaker Pro, edit the accounts and privilege sets that clients will use for access to each database. Choose File menu > Manage > Security.

  • Enable the appropriate extended privileges for particular privilege sets. Every account assigned to a privilege set with extended privileges will be able to access the database through the protocol associated with an extended privilege (for example, Access via FileMaker Network). For information on accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges, see FileMaker Pro Help.

  • Enable the privilege to Disconnect user from FileMaker Server when idle to disconnect idle users from FileMaker Server for each account (or keep them connected), as necessary. For information on setting the length of time a user must be idle before being disconnected, see FileMaker client session timeouts.

  • If you plan to use external authentication, you must edit each FileMaker Pro account that multiple users can share. In the Edit Account dialog box, for Account is authenticated via, choose External Server. See FileMaker Pro Help. For information on setting up FileMaker Server to support external authentication, see External authentication for database access.

  • For security reasons, the databases you manually upload must not have a Guest account using the Full Access privilege set, a Full Access account with an empty password, or a Full Access account with the password stored in the database using the File Options dialog box Log in using option. Database files with these types of accounts are insecure.

    If you need to host insecure database files, use the CLI command fmsadmin set serverconfig securefilesonly=false.

    Restart FileMaker Server for this configuration setting change to take effect. See Using the command line interface.

    This command will allow insecure database files in the default database folder and the additional database folder; it will not allow insecure database files in the secure database folder. If you have not changed this default behavior, then FileMaker Server will not let you open database files with these types of insecure accounts.