Starting or stopping the FileMaker Server service (Windows)

There may be times when you need to start or stop all components of FileMaker Server on a machine. For example, after you restrict access to Admin Console (on the Administration tab), you must restart all FileMaker Server components. You do this either by restarting the machine or by restarting the FileMaker Server service.

In Windows, FileMaker Server runs as a service named FileMaker Server that manages all FileMaker Server components on the machine. In a multiple-machine deployment, the FileMaker Server service runs on each machine.

Typically, the FileMaker Server service is started when the machine is started. If you choose not to have the FileMaker Server service started during Windows startup or if you stopped the FileMaker Server service, you can start it again manually.

Warning  File corruption may occur if you stop the FileMaker Server service when database files are open on the host. Close all database files before stopping the FileMaker Server service.

To start or stop the FileMaker Server service:

You must be logged in with administrator privileges on the machine where FileMaker Server is running.

  1. Open Administrative Tools:

    • Windows versions with the Start menu: On the Desktop, click Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

    • Windows versions with the Start screen: Display the charms, then click Settings. Select Show administrative tools.

  2. In Administrative Tools, open Services.

  3. In the Services window, select FileMaker Server in the Name column.

  4. Choose Action menu > Start to start the service or Action menu > Stop to stop the service.

To start or stop the FileMaker Server service from the command prompt:

  • Open the Command Prompt window.

    To Enter

    Start FileMaker Server

    net start "FileMaker Server"

    Stop FileMaker Server

    net stop "FileMaker Server"