Returns unique values that are in a list based on the specified data type and locale.


UniqueValues ( values {; datatype ; locale } )


values - any text expression or field that’s a list of values separated by carriage returns.

datatype - a number that specifies the type of data in values (see below).

locale - the name of the locale of the data in values (see below).

Parameters in braces { } are optional.

Data type returned 


Originated in version 



For a description of a list of values, see ValueCount function.

Each returned value ends with a carriage return, allowing lists to be easily concatenated.


  • If you set the locale parameter to Unicode_Raw, this function will distinguish between values based on their Unicode numeric encoding, which for example, differentiates between characters with different case and diacritical marks.

Example 1 

UniqueValues ( "34¶600¶18¶600¶18.0" ; 2 ) returns 34¶600¶18¶.

Example 2 

UniqueValues ( Product::Colors ) removes duplicates based on the default data type of text in a file in which the locale is English:


when the Product::Colors field contains RED¶green¶red¶yellow¶.