Returns specified text and numbers, with the numbers incremented by the specified amount.


SerialIncrement ( text ; incrementBy ) 


text - any text that also contains a number

incrementBy - any numeric expression to increment the text by

Data type returned 


Originated in version 



This function doesn't remove the text in text, which normally happens when performing standard math against a value that contains text.

If the incrementBy value is a decimal number, then only the integer portion of incrementBy value is added to the last number in text. Any character other than a number is considered a separator. You can use both positive and negative incrementBy values.

Example 1 

SerialIncrement ( "abc12" ; 1 ) returns abc13.

SerialIncrement ( "abc12" ; 7 ) returns abc19.

SerialIncrement ( "abc12" ; -1 ) returns abc11.

SerialIncrement ( "abc12" ; 1.2 ) returns abc13.

SerialIncrement ( "abc1.2" ; 1.2 ) returns abc1.3.

Example 2 

In this example, any character other than a number is considered to be a separator and the number on the far right is incremented.

SerialIncrement ( "abc123;999" ; 1) returns abc123;1000.