Returns a count of the total number of values in specified text.


ValueCount ( text )


text - any text expression or text field

Data type returned 


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Values are text items that each end with a carriage return. You can place several values together to create a carriage-return-delimited list of values. A value can be empty, a single character, a word, a sentence, or a paragraph. When you press Enter or Return you start creating a new value. If the last value is not empty, it will be recognized with or without a trailing carriage return.

When the list of values is a literal string as in the example below, you must insert a literal carriage return character (¶) between each item in the list. To insert a literal carriage return character, click the button in the Specify Calculation dialog box.


  • ValueCount and other functions that work with lists of values recognize all of the following characters as separators between values:
  • Character name

    Unicode code point

    Line feed


    Carriage return


    Line separator


    Paragraph separator


    When referring to lists of values, "carriage return" is used to refer to any of these separator characters.

Example 1 

ValueCount ( "Item 1¶Item 2¶Item 3¶" ) returns 3.

ValueCount ( "Item 1¶Item 2¶Item 3¶¶" ) returns 4 (the last value is empty).

Example 2 

ValueCount ( ValueListItems ( "Employees" ; "Employee Names" ) ) returns the total number of values in the Employee Names value list in the Employees database file.