Returns the characters for the Unicode code points in the number.


Char ( number )


number - a decimal number representing one or more Unicode code points

Data type returned 


Originated in version 



Each group of five digits in the number is treated as a Unicode code point, and the character for each five-digit group is returned in the text.

If the number is 0, the function returns an empty string.

If the number is between 1 and 99,999, the function returns a single character.

If the number contains more than five digits, the function returns the string of characters represented by those code points.


  • Some Unicode characters can be represented by a single code point or multiple code points. For example, the character ä can be represented by the letter a plus ¨ (dieresis) or by the single character ä. The single code point version of this kind of character is called a precomposed character or a composite character.

Example 1 

Char(0) returns an empty string ("").

Char(97) returns a.

Char(98) returns b.

Char(9800097) returns ab.

Char(228) returns ä.

Example 2 

Char(77600097) returns ä. In this case the number represents two Unicode characters: the letter a and the dieresis character. When these two characters appear together in a string they are displayed as a single character.