Setting the text input method for fields

If your operating system is configured to support input methods for entering text, you can specify a text input method for fields. For example, you can set input methods for fields that contain Japanese text.

Input methods are software utilities that convert keystrokes to characters in another language such as Japanese. FileMaker Pro supports the following Japanese input methods:



  • Microsoft Input Method Editor
  • ATOK
  • Japanese Input Method
  • ATOK

To set the text input method for a field:

  1. In Layout mode, select one or more fields.
  2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.
  3. In the Behavior area, for Set input method, choose an input method from the list.
  4. Choose



    Not specify any input methods.

    Synchronize with field's language

    Automatically set the input method based on the selected language in the Storage tab of the Options for Field dialog box.

    macOS: This option works only for fields containing Japanese, Korean, or Chinese text.


    Set the input method to the last-used roman input method.


    Full-Width Katakana

    Full-Width Alphanumeric

    Half-Width Katakana

    Half-Width Alphanumeric

    Set an input method for a field containing Japanese text.