Controlling animations

Some layout objects and script steps have animations that provide visual feedback to users when actions occur, such as when users open a popover or switch panels in a slide control.

Animations are typically disabled while a script is running. However, you can use the Set Layout Object Animation script step to enable or disable animations for a script. You can also use the Get(ScriptAnimationState) function to detect the current animation state. Enable animations, for example, to call attention to the actions a script performs, or disable animations to decrease the amount of time required for a script to run.


If a script causes a slide control to switch between panels, there will be no animation providing feedback to users. To call attention to the transition from panel to panel, place Set Layout Object Animation before the Go to Object script step in the script to enable animations before a slide panel is switched.

Set Layout Object Animation [On]
Go to Object [Object Name: "Panel 1"]
Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): .5]
Go to Object [Object Name: "Panel 2"]
Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): .5]
Go to Object [Object Name: "Panel 3"]