Naming objects

You can assign names to objects and grouped objects. Some script steps and functions use these names to specify which object to act upon.

To name an object:

  1. In Layout mode, select the object or grouped object that you want to name.

    To name an object that's in a group, select the group, then select the object in the group.

  2. In the Inspector, click the Position Position tab.
  3. In the Position area, type a value for Name.
  4. Press Enter or Tab, or click outside the Inspector to apply the changes.


  • You can also name an object using the Objects tab. See Using the Objects tab to work with objects.
  • If you need to automate navigation to an object of any type, assign the object a name and create a script that uses the Go to Object script step. If you have more than one copy of the same field on a layout (for example, the same field on different tab panels), assign an object name to the copy of the field you want to navigate to. Use the Go to Object script step, rather than the Go to Field script step, and refer to the desired copy of the field by its object name rather than by its field name.
  • Object names are not case sensitive.
  • The name you give a field in the Manage Database dialog box is independent of the object name.