Copying, duplicating, and deleting objects

  1. In Layout mode, select the object.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. To

    Do this

    Copy (or cut) an object, then paste it onto the same or another layout, or into another database file

    • Choose Edit menu > Copy (or Cut). Click with the arrow pointer where you want the object centered, then choose Edit menu > Paste Layout Object(s) (Windows) or Edit menu > Paste (macOS).
    • Or, hold down the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (macOS), drag the pointer to a new location, and release the mouse.

    Duplicate an object

    Delete an object without replacing what's on the Clipboard

    • Choose Edit menu > Clear.
    • Or, press Backspace or Delete.


  • If you copy an object from one layout and paste it to a layout that uses a different theme, the object retains the attributes from the original layout. You can choose Edit menu > Revert Changes to Style to remove those attributes and apply the default attributes of the new theme. You can also use the Inspector to copy and paste object attributes. See Copying formatting attributes in layouts.
  • You can copy and duplicate locked objects, but you can't cut or delete them.
  • Use the Duplicate command to create a series of equally spaced identical objects. After choosing Edit menu > Duplicate, immediately drag the new object to the position you want (without deselecting it). Choose Duplicate again: the new copy appears in the same position relative to the first copy as the first copy is to the original object.