Configuring quick find

If a layout is enabled for quick find, you can use the search box in Browse mode to search for data across multiple fields on the layout.

To set fields to be included in the search:

  1. In Layout mode, to show the quick find badges for supported fields on the selected layout, choose View menu > Show > Quick Find.

    A small badge next to each field shows if the field has been enabled for quick find. If there are no quick find badges next to a field, the field is not searchable either because it is not supported for quick find or because it is not set to be included in the search.

  2. This color badge


    Gray Gray quick find badge

    The layout is disabled for quick find.

    Green Green quick find badge

    The field is searchable.

    Yellow Yellow quick find badge

    The field is searchable, but the search might take longer than fields with the green badge. Some examples of fields with yellow badges are related fields, fields that can't be indexed, or calculations fields that don't store the calculation results.

  3. Select one or more fields.
  4. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.
  5. In the Behavior area, select Include field for Quick Find.

To enable or reset quick find:

  1. In Layout mode, choose the layout you want to work with from the Layout pop-up menu.
  2. Click Layout Setup Layout Setup button in the layout bar.
  3. In the Layout Setup dialog box, select Enable Quick Find.

    To reset all fields to their default quick find settings, click Reset Quick Find.


  • Quick find does not search summary, container, or global fields.
  • By default, merge fields are set to be included in the search. See Placing merge fields on a layout.
  • To improve search performance, limit the search to only the fields that contain the data you are searching for. For example, a table for songs might include the track number and artist name for each song. You could include the artist name in the search but exclude the track number, because it is not likely that you would search for all the songs with the same track number.