Protecting objects from change

You can prevent objects from being changed, edited, moved, or deleted from a layout by locking them.

To lock objects on a layout:

  1. In Layout mode, select the objects you want to lock.
  2. In the Inspector, click the Position Position tab.
  3. In the Arrange & Align area, click Lock Lock button.

    The handles of each selected object change to Locked object handle to indicate that the object is locked.

To unlock objects:

  • Select the locked objects, then click Unlock Unlock button.


  • Locking a field in Layout mode does not prevent changes to the information in Browse mode. For details on securing data, see Managing security.
  • When you copy or duplicate a locked object, the copy isn't locked.
  • Locking doesn't prevent changes to the stacking order. See Arranging objects.
  • You can lock panel controls:
    • Objects on panel controls won't be locked unless you lock the panel control.
    • When you lock a slide control, its position and appearance can't be changed. However, you can continue to make changes in the Slide Control Setup dialog box.
  • When you lock a button, button bar, or popover button, you can't change its position and appearance. However, you can make changes in the Button Setup, Button Bar Setup, or Popover Button Setup dialog box.
  • Locked objects can't be set to automatically resize when the window is resized. See Setting auto-resize options for layout objects.