Insert PDF

Imports a PDF file or file reference into the current interactive container.


  • Store only as reference instructs FileMaker Pro to store a link to a PDF file in the container field instead of the actual file. This option may reduce the size of your FileMaker Pro file, but if you move or delete the file being referenced, FileMaker Pro won't be able to display it.
  • Specify source file allows you to specify the PDF file you intend to insert in the interactive container. The file path must begin with image, imagemac, imagewin, or imagelinux. See Creating file paths.


Product Supported
FileMaker Pro Yes
FileMaker Go Yes
FileMaker WebDirect Partial
FileMaker Server No
FileMaker Cloud No
FileMaker Data API No
Custom Web Publishing No

Originated in version 



You must specify a field, click in a field, or use the Go to Field script step before performing this script step.

When Insert PDF is performed, unless a file is specified with the Specify source file option, FileMaker Pro displays a dialog box where the user can select and preview the file to be imported.


  • FileMaker WebDirect does not support the Store only as reference or Specify source file options.
  • If there is no active container field on the layout where the script is being performed, Insert PDF returns an error code that can be captured with the Get(LastError) function.
  • This script step works only with interactive containers. For more information, see Specifying formats for container fields.

Example 1 

Goes to the File field and inserts a PDF using the relative path image:Documents/Product Description.pdf.

Go to Field [Products::File]
Insert PDF ["Product Description.pdf"]