Specifying formats for container fields

You can control how your FileMaker app displays content in container fields. The formatting options you choose affect the display in your FileMaker app only, and do not affect the original data.

To specify formats for container fields:

  1. In Layout mode, select one or more container fields.

  2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.

  3. In the Data Formatting area, click Graphic Graphic button, then select the formats you want to use.

  4. To

    Do this

    Display each image at its original size

    From the Format list, choose Crop to frame.

    Scale each image either always up, always down, or either up or down (depending on the data in the field) to fit within the field boundaries

    From the Format list, choose options.

    Set the horizontal and vertical alignment

    For Alignment, choose horizontal and vertical alignments.

    Optimize for static content

    Choose Images (JPEG, PNG, etc.).

    Optimize for interactive content

    Choose Interactive content (PDF, MP3, etc.). When this option is selected, the field becomes an interactive container. You can work interactively with files in interactive containers. For example, when a PDF is inserted into the field, you can scroll through pages and copy text. When an audio file or video file is in the field, you can play the media and use all available controls for that media type, such as pause, play, and fast-forward.

    To have audio and video play when you display the container field, also select Start playback automatically. If this option is not selected, you start audio or video files by clicking the play control.

    Preserve transparency in an image stored as a PDF file in a container field optimized for static content

    Choose Preserve PDF transparency. When this option is selected, the background of the container field shows through transparent areas in the image. Otherwise, transparent areas display as white.


  • If you select Interactive content for a field:

    • You can use this option for container fields that store embedded data, data stored externally, or local references to files.

    • This option is not supported for container fields that are in portals. However, it is supported if the container field is in a popover within a portal.

  • You can customize the type of content that can be inserted into a container field, and choose options for how the files are stored, displayed, and compressed. See Insert File script step.

  • If you add a background fill for an interactive container, you can only use a solid color fill. See Adding borders, fill, and baselines to fields.