Filling with an image

When you fill an object with an image, the image is stored in the FileMaker Pro file and appears in every record that uses the layout. You can also insert an image onto a layout, which lets you reference the image from another file. See Inserting graphics onto a layout.

Supported image formats include PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), TIFF (.tif), GIF (.gif), or JPEG/JFIF (.jpg).

Note  Before filling the layout background with an image, make sure the fill for one or more layout parts is transparent. See Setting the fill, line style, borders, shadows, and padding.

To fill an object, a layout part, or the layout background with an image:

  1. In Layout mode, select one or more objects, a part label, or click anywhere in the layout background to select it.

    Note  Before selecting the layout background, make sure no objects or parts are selected.

  2. In the Inspector, click the Appearance Appearance tab.
  3. To change the appearance of the object or the body part when it's in a particular state (for example, when a button is pressed), choose from the object state list (near the top of the tab).

    See Specifying the display state for an object.

  4. In the Graphic area, for Fill, click Image.
  5. Select an image file, then click Open (Windows) or Insert (macOS).

    Tip  To change an inserted image file, click Choose and select a different file.

  6. Choose a fill option.

    Slice divides an image into segments that can fill the object, layout part, or layout background. Using a portion of an image as fill (such as a portion of a company logo) ensures colors on the layout match the brand, and allows you to use color on multiple layouts without substantially increasing the size of the file.


  • Sliced fills do not display lines or rounded corners, and circles display as square images.
  • To export an image, in Layout mode, right-click the image and choose Export Fill Graphic. Choose a location and type a filename, then click Save. You can't export an image if you set the option to store only a reference to the file.
  • Layout background fill does not extend behind navigation parts.