Editing Claris ID or external IdP account access (FileMaker Pro only)

For files hosted by FileMaker Cloud, users are authenticated via Claris ID or external identity provider (IdP) accounts. In Claris Customer Console, team managers can add Claris ID or external IdP users to a team and create groups of users. In a FileMaker Pro file, you can create and edit Claris ID or external IdP account access for groups or individual users. The privilege set you assign to a group's access applies to all users in the group. For an individual user's access, the privilege set you assign applies only to that user.

Claris ID or external IdP accounts:

  • are defined in the Claris ID or an external identity provider system

  • are required for and work only in files hosted by FileMaker Cloud; when a file is hosted, no other types of account access can be used to open the file

  • can't be used to open a local file

Note  All files that will be hosted by FileMaker Cloud must also have a FileMaker file account with the Full Access privilege set so they can be fully modified before the file is uploaded or after it is downloaded from the host.

To create or edit Claris ID or external IdP account access:

  1. In FileMaker Pro, sign in with your Claris ID or external IdP account.

    See About Claris ID and external IdP accounts (FileMaker Pro only).

  2. Start editing new or existing account access for a Claris ID or external IdP group or user in the Manage Security dialog box.

    See Creating and editing account access.

  3. For Authenticate via, choose Claris ID - <Team Name> whether for Claris ID or external IdP account access.

    <Team Name> is the name of the team whose groups or users will have access to this file.

  4. To grant account access to a group or user, click New. To change an existing account access entry, select the group or user.

  5. In the details pane, click Group or User Name.

  6. To

    Do this

    Specify a group

    Under Groups (for Claris ID groups) or External IdP Groups, choose a group name.

    View a list of users in a Claris ID group

    Next to the group name, click View users in group.

    Specify a user

    Under Users (for Claris ID users) or External IdP Users, choose a user name.

    To find a group or user in the list

    Type a few letters of the name in the search box.

  7. To create or modify groups, team managers can click Manage groups to go to the Groups page in Claris Customer Console.

  8. For Privilege Set, choose, create, or edit a privilege set.

    See Creating and editing privilege sets.

    The privilege set assigned to this account access determines what the Claris ID or external IdP group or user can do in the file.

  9. To make the account access active, select its checkbox.

    Make account access inactive, for example, to set up privilege sets before allowing users to sign in.

  10. If you grant access to multiple Claris ID or external IdP groups or users, you may need to change the priority of account access.

    See Changing the priority of account access (FileMaker Pro only).


  • When you click the box under Group or User Name, users and groups may not appear in the list if:

    • the user you are looking for is not in the team, or there are no users in the team

    • you are working with a file not hosted by FileMaker Cloud and don't currently have internet access

    • you are working with a file on a host that doesn't belong to the team

    • you are not signed in a Claris ID or an external IdP account

  • For more information on adding Claris ID or external IdP users to a team and creating groups, see Claris Customer Console Help.