Editing Apple ID account access (FileMaker Pro only)

For files hosted by FileMaker Server, users can be authenticated via the Apple ID identity provider. Apple ID account access allows you to control access to your files through the Sign in with Apple system. This system provides access to additional security and privacy measures, such as two-factor authentication and the option for the user to sign in with a different email address from their Apple ID email address.

To create or edit Apple ID account access:

  1. Start editing new or existing account access for the Apple ID user in the Manage Security dialog box.

    See Creating and editing account access.

  2. For Authenticate via, choose Apple ID.

  3. To grant account access to a user, click New. To change an existing account access entry, select the user.

  4. For User Name, enter or change the user's email address.

    The email address that you enter here can be any valid email address at which the user can receive email (their Apple ID email address or a different one).

  5. For Privilege Set, choose, create, or edit a privilege set.

    See Creating and editing privilege sets.

    The privilege set assigned to this account access determines what the Apple ID user can do in the file.

  6. To make the account active, select its checkbox.

    Make account access inactive, for example, to set up privilege sets before allowing users to sign in.


  • When a user tries to sign for the first time, they can choose to use either their Apple ID email address or a different email address. If they use a different email address, they receive a verification code to enter, which associates the email address they wish to use with their Apple ID email address. If the email address they use matches the email address in step 4, the FileMaker Pro file opens with the privilege set chosen in step 5.

  • You'll need to set additional options in Admin Console for FileMaker Server to authenticate users via the Apple ID identity provider. See Claris Server and FileMaker Server Help.