Editing FileMaker file accounts

You can create and edit FileMaker file accounts for individual users. You must assign a privilege set to each new account. See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges.

FileMaker file accounts:

  • store account names and passwords within the FileMaker Pro file

  • require no identity provider or authentication server to sign in

  • are required to open a local, password-protected file; a FileMaker file account with the Full Access privilege set is required to make changes to any account that has the Full Access privilege set

If necessary, you can also change the priority (or authentication order) of FileMaker file and external server accounts together. Priority determines the order that the FileMaker host searches through the account access list for a valid user or group.

Warning  Passwords for FileMaker file accounts are stored within the FileMaker Pro file and cannot be recovered if they are forgotten. Be sure to remember an account name and password that is assigned to the Full Access privilege set. If necessary, write it down and store it in a secure place. If you lose or forget this account name and password, you may not be able to access or change the file.

To create or edit a FileMaker file account:

  1. Start editing a new or existing FileMaker file account in the Manage Security dialog box.

    See Creating and editing account access.

  2. For Authenticate via, choose FileMaker File or External Server.

  3. To create a new account, click New. To change an existing account, select the account.

  4. In the details pane, for Authenticate via, choose FileMaker File.

  5. For Account Name, enter or change the account name.

    Account names are not case sensitive.

  6. To enter or change the password, click Pencil button for Password, then enter and verify the password. Click Set Password.

    Passwords are case sensitive. When you create a password, make sure the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is not inadvertently enabled.

  7. To require the account user to choose a new password the next time they log in, select Require password change on next sign in.

  8. For Privilege Set, choose, create, or edit a privilege set.

    See Creating and editing privilege sets.

  9. To make the account active, select its checkbox.

    Make accounts inactive, for example, to set up privilege sets before allowing users to sign in.


  • For FileMaker file accounts, you can set up privilege sets to require periodic password changes. See Editing other privileges.