Viewing the users list

Note  The following information is for team managers.

In Claris Customer Console, click the Users page to see information about the Claris ID users in your team. You also see the number of licenses that are available for your team.




The name associated with the Claris ID account or external IdP account


The user’s Claris ID user name or external IdP email

Team Manager

Whether the user is a team manager

See Adding or removing team managers.

FileMaker Cloud and Claris Connect: User Type

Whether the account is managed by this team (managed user) or by a different team (external user)

See Changing settings for managed users.

FileMaker Cloud: License Status

Whether the user is a licensed user or an unlicensed user in this team

FileMaker Cloud and Claris Connect: Identity Provider

The external IdP used to authenticate the user’s account

Users sign in either through Claris ID or an external IdP.

You can:

  • change the sort order: click the column heading
  • search for a user: type the user’s name or email address in the search box