Responding to transfer requests

Note  The following information is for team managers.

If the Account Transfers options on the Settings page are turned on, you receive a notification when a user requests to transfer in to or out of your team.

  1. When a user requests to transfer in to the team, they will ask you for the team ID. You see the team ID on the Subscription page.
  2. After the user submits the request, you receive a notification. Click Allow or Deny.
  3. The user receives a notification with your response.

Considerations for account transfers

Claris ID accounts can’t be removed from the team they are managed by, but they can be deactivated. However, doing so deactivates the account in the Claris ID authentication system, making the user’s account unavailable to all teams. (See About user types.)

This can create problems for users transferring in to or out of a team. For example, TeamA, a consulting firm, manages licensed user User1. To make User1 a consultant in TeamB (a client firm), TeamA deactivates User1’s account so that TeamB can manage it. But when TeamB invites User1 to join the team, the account is unavailable.

To avoid problems associated with transferring accounts, do either of the following.

  • User1 initiates a transfer out of TeamA and in to TeamB.
    1. User1 requests to transfer out of TeamA by clicking Transfer out of current team on their Profile page. They become managed by Claris International Inc. and retain their current Claris ID user name (for example,
    2. User1 requests to transfer in to TeamB by clicking Transfer to a different team on their Profile page. TeamB gives the user the team ID to complete the request. User1’s account is now managed by TeamB.
  • TeamA deactivates User1’s account. TeamB then invites the user to sign up for a new account using a new Claris ID user name (for example,


  • If the Account Transfers settings are turned off, users can transfer in to or out of the team without approval by a team manager.
  • If a user transfers out of a team but doesn’t transfer in to a different team, they become managed by Claris International Inc.