Connecting to Claris and FileMaker apps

Claris Connect provides connectors for, at minimum, Claris Server, FileMaker Cloud 2.18.0 and FileMaker Server 18.0.4.

For each connector:

  • a Claris ID is required to sign in with.

  • the database server must be hosted on the internet.

  • the Claris Data API or FileMaker Data API must be enabled on the server.

  • custom apps must have the Claris Data API or FileMaker Data API extended (fmrest) privilege enabled.

  • a valid third-party SSL certificate must be installed on the database server.

The information required to establish the connection differs between Claris Server, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Cloud connectors.

Claris Server and FileMaker Server

FileMaker Cloud

Domain (DNS name)

Organization (team) name


Instance URL

Password Database name
Database name (with optional extension)  

Because both FileMaker Cloud and Claris Connect use Claris ID, you are automatically authenticated and don't have to specify your username and password, as you do for Claris Server and FileMaker Server.