Using triggers

A trigger is an event that initiates a flow. A trigger has two basic elements: the component (utility or app) in which the flow starts, and the event in the component that initiates the flow. Triggers fall into three categories:

  • App triggers are real-time events that you configure in a flow. The badge text for an app lists any available triggers. For example, "Email changed" is a Mailchimp trigger. You can configure a flow that activates when a Mailchimp user changes their email address.

  • The Claris Connect Schedules utility lets you trigger a flow to run at a specific time and at scheduled intervals thereafter. See Scheduling flows.

  • The Claris Connect Webhook utility lets you configure a trigger with an incoming HTTP request. Once you configure the webhook, a flow initiates when an HTTP request is posted to the webhook URL. See Using webhook triggers and HTTP requests in a flow.

When a configured flow detects its trigger event, the flow runs. You can view the flow's run on the History tab.