Using step data

Step data is the actual data returned from a previous step in a flow. You can use this data in configuring subsequent steps in your flow.

You work with step data using the Step data button when configuring the input fields for an action. This button appears on the right of each input field.

Note  Step data is of the following data types: text, integer, float, date, Boolean, array (list), or JSON. When you select data from a previous step to use in an action input field, make sure to use a compatible data type. For example, use date step data in a date field.

To use step data:

  1. Click Add new for a step to add an action step to the flow.

  2. Click the app or utility you want to add to the flow.

  3. On the Configure tab, complete the input fields for the action.

    • Click Step data to display the fields from the previous steps and their respective data.

      A search box appears above the available previous steps.

    • Click a previous step to see the available fields and data.

    • Select the step data to add.

  4. Click Save.