Claris Connect utilities

Claris Connect provides a set of utilities that allow you to transform output data from a flow step, use communication protocols to work with data, and add enhanced functionality to your flows. For example, you can use the Text utility to extract the domain in an email address, the Images utility to read data from a document or image file, or the Approval utility to require someone's approval before the flow can continue.



Approval Adds an email approval step to a flow. See Using approvals.


Performs calculations

Note  The Calculate expression action of the Calculation utility can use JavaScript Math object properties and methods; for example, sqrt(16) results in 4. See JavaScript Math Reference.


Generates a hash value, a hashed message authentication code, or a Universally Unique Identifier

Dates Performs a date calculation or changes the date format
Documents Extracts text from documents or images, or converts snippets to or from JSON or XML
FTP Performs operations on files and folders using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
HTTP Allows you to create a webhook that can trigger a flow as well as retrieve data through an HTTP request to a unique URL generated by Claris Connect. Also allows you to respond to HTTP requests with JSON data as well as make custom HTTP requests. See Creating webhooks and Using webhook triggers and HTTP requests in a flow.
Images Returns information about image files
JSON Converts a text string to JSON format
Lists Performs operations on lists
Schedules Schedules a step to run at a time or date interval. See Scheduling flows.
SFTP Performs FTP operations using the SSH network protocol to exchange data over a secure channel
Text Performs operations on text
Variable Creates or updates a flow variable. See Using variables.